Take a seat

A couple months ago, a friend asked if he could stay in our flat for a few months.  An actor, he’s always been crashing in on us in between jobs and flats, etc.  So, naturally, we’re happy to help him out. (We love Ali.  Love).

So, we’ve got another flatmate, so it’s all good.  He does the dishes sometimes.  He cooks fabulous dinners.  And for the first couple of weeks, he was up in Fife staying with his Da, so we didn’t see him hardly at all.  He’s been lovely.

His girlfriend (one of my best friends) was on location in Venice at the time, so it was just the three of us; staying up late drinking etc.  And everything was fine…except that when she got back from Venice, the flat they were going to move into got sold, and once again they were completely homeless.

While they’re looking for a new place (and might have found one, hurrah!), they’ve been staying with us.  The flat is definitely big enough for 4 people (and two cats) with one tiny exception:

the sofa.

There are not enough places for us all to sit.  Our sofa, which I’ve complained about before, is not necessarily tiny, but it only really fits three people comfortably.  And I don’t knw what it is about the matching chair, but no matter where you move it to, it just feels like you’re far, far away from the rest of the group. (this is a sideways back-handed-self-compliment about my lounge being massive, btw).

Maybe not one made of sand..

Anyway, this brings up the same discussion that we’ve been having for nearly a year now about getting a new sofa.  We want a new sofa, and every time I pass by a furniture store with beautiful sofas in it, I paw and lick at the window.  I dream about sofas.  Sofas consume me.

But before I start shelling out for a brand new lounge-around-on-a-saturday-feeling-hungover piece of furniture, I think that buying a flat is first of my priorities.  Then I won’t have to worry about asking my landlord if I can chuck this thing out. (and I won’t have to move it).

So, I’ll just sit tight (haha) for now; and in the meantime, my friend (the girl-shaped one) is having a lovely time rocking in the rocking chair.  This must annoy the living guts out of the neighbours downstairs (especially since we have hardwood floors), but we put up with their parties, so they can just deal with it.



  1. We have a sofa you can have for free. It’s dead comfy and has been sitting in our garage to a year.

    You can throw it away when you move if you want or leave it in the flat.

    I’ve been meaning to put it up on Gumtree but I’m lazy…

    Also apparently whtever you use to validate your comments thinks my website is spam… This makes me sad…

    • Oooh, I didn’t realise your sofa was still available! I shall speak to the other one and make plans with you to come look at it (after we talk to the landlord)


      (p.s. awww, sorry :( )

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